Hotel Tea Kettle Nortmace

Hotel Tea Kettle Nortmace

Hotel Tea Kettle Nortmace
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This is a rectangular tray set made up of two parts. The main tray presents an uncluttered profile with a sleek look.

The ingredients tray is lidded, keeping the contents out of sight with only the kettle on its cordless base to obstruct the line.

The second tray which is spacious enough for two cups and saucers and even a small cafetiere is separate from the first and can thus be easily repositioned by your guest anywhere in the rooms or even outside on the balcony. To purchase a cafetiere for your refreshment tray.

Now to the kettle which has a sight glass to show the water level and a handy cup guide so your guests can fill up with just a cupful.

The kettle has a removable mesh filter in the spout/lid and has a spring loaded hinged lid.

There are two heat settings one for coffee and one for tea. Your housekeeper will love the concealed element which makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Another ingeniously designed Northmace & Hendon product which comes with a 4 year guarantee.
  • Ingredients compartment with hinged lid for where hoteliers prefer to keep ingredients out of sight
  • Independent tray to allow positioning of crockery to suit
  • Integral, quick boil, 0.9 litre, energy saving, cordless kettle with concealed element and indicator light
  • Boil dry safety feature
  • 280mm (h) x 205mm (d) x 405mm (w) with kettle (excluding independent tray) (approximate dimensions)
  • Power: 220-240v, 50/60Hz, 915-1100W
  • Crockery, cafetiere and ingredients not supplied.