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RD Fresh is an all-natural mineral mix that will remove moisture from your walk-in. This will result in a 1 to 3-degree temperature drop. By removing the moisture, compressor starts are reduced by up to 50% and hours of operation are reduced up to 40%.

We extend the life of the compressor 3 to 5 years and lower maintenance costs by up to 50%.

Additionally, RD Fresh removes all the volatile organic compounds; Carbon Dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen, sulfur and ethylene. By removing the ethylene, produce will last up to 50% longer. Produce savings is 1% to 3% of budget.

RD Fresh reduces the proliferation of mold due to the drier environment resulting in less money spent on cleaning supplies and labor. RD Fresh stops bacteria by 60%. RD Fresh stops the transference of food odors. The cheesecake does not end up tasting like the onion!

We feel so strongly about the positive impact RD Fresh will have on your walk-in cooler that we will give you a risk free installation for 30 days at no expense to you. After the trial period we work month to month, no contracts required!

Don’t take our word for it, watch these videos from chefs around the country:

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