Dining Glassware Durobor

Dining Glassware Durobor

Dining Glassware Durobor
Courtesy/News Source: hospitality.com.my

Innovation, Design and Expertise Durobor was established in1928, as the first company to introduce the automated process of manufacturing drinking glasses in Europe. Today, Durobor ® continues in the same spirit of innovation, with its philosophy of “market pioneer”, and stands out as a designer, producer & concept leader not just as a manufacturer.

The well-known innovative design of Durobor ® glasses is adapted to their use and to meet the requirements of the professional sector :an ultimate combination of attractiveness and functionality.

Trend Setter Recognised around the world for its specific glasses dedicated to the world of drink, Durobor ® has come up with a truly revolutionary concept: the stunning glass receptacles that can be used for food. Ultra chic glasses & verrines which combine the joys of design and art de la table.

Heavy Base & Bubble The Bubble in the heavy base: a distinctive symbol of the brand.

Decoration expertise Durobor ® is one of the main suppliers of glasses to the beverage industry: design, production & decoration expertise.

MADE IN BELGIUM Each glass produced by Durobor ® is made in our Soignies plant, Belgium.

Durobor Quality Durobor® glasses are renowned for their quality and robustness. Professionals are our best ambassadors.