5 Hotel Amenities Your Guests Expect The Most

5 Hotel Amenities Your Guests Expect The Most

5 Hotel Amenities Your Guests Expect The Most
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Every guest expects the hotel to provide them with certain amenities to make their stay comfortable. People don’t like to carry toiletries with themselves as they expect these basic things to be provided by the hotel.

On the other side, the hotels also plan to obtain maximum occupancy rates. Thus, the hotel management needs to offer quality amenities to their guests for establishing a better customer relationship.

So, here is a list of room amenities that matter most to your guests.

Plush Pillow and Breathable Bed Linens: Nothing is as important as a good night sleep and for this, your guests expect soft and breathable sheets along with plump pillows. So, providing your guests with soft beds will undoubtedly make them feel special and luxuriously comfortable.

Soft and Oversized Bath Towels: Your guests want super soft oversize towels which can wrap them completely. If you provide them with towels of various sizes for a different purpose, it will be like icing on a cake. You must offer them a set of fluffy towels upon arrival to encourage your ratings.

Toiletries: Your guests want high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and soap to make them look clean, refreshed and presentable. Make sure you offer high-quality products to your guests and replace the used products once the guests check-out.

Complimentary Refreshments: People staying in your hotel would need water, tea or coffee within their reach. After a long flight or an outing, everyone looks for a bottle of water or a nice cup of coffee to refresh themselves. Likewise, the moment they wake up and have their coffee will allow them to start their day right.

Make Your Guests Feel Special: Offering a welcome cocktail, homemade cookies, and fresh flowers can do magic to impress your guests. It is always good to go the extra mile to impress your guests as this will improve your goodwill in the industry.

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